Appliance Remote Control Arduino Project

Starting from today I will try to post interesting Arduino projects from around the web. I am novice in this domain but I am giving my best to fully understant it.
I must say from the begining that the projects are not developed by me and I will link the original source.

This Arduino project uses a general-purpose appliance remote control that you can buy from a hardware store. It can be modified to link it to an Arduino for software control of devices around your house, without having to touch any mains-level wiring.

Parts required:

  • 1 Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Pro, Seeeduino, or equivalent
  • 1 RF appliance remote control
  • 1 Prototyping shield
  • 4 5V reed relays
  • 4 1N4001 power diodes or similar
  • 4 PCB-mount male connectors
  • 4 line-mount female connectors
  • 10 cm ribbon cable


Appliance Remote Control Arduino Project Schematic

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