AD8137 Analog-Digital Converter Driver Pin Configuration

The following schematic shows AD8137 Analog-Digital Converter (ADC) Driver Pin Configuration. This device is   Analog digital converter circuit and datasheet
manufactured by Analog Devices, Inc., which is ideal for driving ADCs in systems that are sensitive to power and cost, according to the datasheet.

Pin configuration and function descriptions of the AD8137 ADC driver are provided as follows:
1.  -IN  – inverting input
2.  Vocm – internal feedback loop
3.  Vs+  – positive Power Supply Voltage
4.  +OUT – positive side of Differential Output
5.  -OUT – negative side of the differential output
6.  Vs-  –  negative power supply voltage
7.  PD – power down
8.  +IN  –  noninverting Input
     EPAD – exposed paddle

See completely about this Analog-Digital Converter Driver device in the AD8137 datasheet (source:

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