5V to 12V DC DC Step-Up Converter by LT1073-12

In order to step up the voltage output from four rechargeable AA batteries from around 5 Volts to the required 12 Volts the following circuit is used.

The key component is the LT1073-12 DC/DC Converter Chip from Linear Technology. Click here for the comprehensive LT1073 Specification Sheet which includes many example circuits using this chip.
This £2 device (the 5V output version LT1073-5 is pictured above) requires just a few off-the-shelf components and operates with supply voltages from 1V to 30V.

5V to 12V DC DC Step Up Converter by LT1073 12

The only additional components required to use an LT1073-12 as a 5V-12V DC/DC converter are a 150uH inductor, two 100uF capacitors,and a 50 Ohm Resistor. Total cost of these components is around £1.

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