5V and 3.3V DC Voltage Regulator Board

5v and 33v DC voltage regulator board

This is the voltage regulator circuit board that delivers steady 3.3V and also 5.0V DC outputs from unregulated DC input (6.5-10V). It is small in size and also is able to be simply assembled within the general project box along with a project circuit board. It could also be applied to power test circuits on breadboard. This voltage regulator board utilizes two AMS1117 series fixed voltage regulators and gets input power by way of a DC wall wart or an external 9V electric battery.

The regulator circuit utilizes two AMS1117 series fixed voltage regulators AMS117 5.0 and also AMS1117 3.3, to obtain steady 5.0V and 3.3V outputs from an unregulated DC input voltage.

Take note that both AMS1117-3.3 and AMS1117-5.0 obtain input power straight from the unregulated supply voltage, that indicates each of them can provide up to 1A of electric current. Even so, for the protection of AMS1117-3.3 regulator IC, the unregulated input voltage is highly recommended to be within 6.5 to 10.0 V. This board is ideal to apply in a project that is built to be powered with a 9V DC from either a PP3 electric battery or a wall adapter. The PCB is just 1.9″ x 1.4″, and fills a small spot inside the general purpose project box.

The final voltage regulator board picture:

Small voltage regulator board


Project source: http://electro-hobby.ucoz.com

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