500W HF linear amplifier

500W HF linear amplifier

This is the circuit of a 500 watt linear amplifier, based upon a design by Frits Geerligs, PA0FRI, who has his own homepage at http://home.planet.nl/~fhvgeerligs. The circuit uses four PL519 TV line output valves in a very simple circuit that will deliver over 450 watts at 3.5 MHz (350 watts at 30 MHz). PL519 (40KG6A) is a more robust replacement for the earlier PL509 (40KG6) tube. Both valves will work well in this circuit. The input drive power is about 50 – 100 watts so it is compatible with most amateur radio HF transmitters. Not shown in the circuit is the cooling fan that is required to force air around the valves to cool them. In operation the 1K0 pot is adjusted to set the total valve anode current to around 50mA to 70 mA.

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