500Hz Modulated Ultrasonic Transmitter

500Hz Modulated Ultrasonic Transmitter


Ultrasonic oscillations which are generated by unmodulated ultrasonic transmitters commonly for remote control are usually affected from other ultrasonic sources in the media and that’s why we are giving a 500Hz modulated ultrasonic transmitter circuit here.

Voltage supply of the circuit is 9 Volts and any change of the value will change the frequency also. You can omit this difference by connecting a resistor between A and B nodes. You can find the value of the resistor by using this formula:

R =  (Vsupply – 7V) / O.6 Kohm where Vsupply is the new supply voltage value.

The multivibrator generates 500Hz modulation frequency. To avoid the frequency differences , tolerance of the circuit should not exceed %5.

If the circuit components changed, then the frequency can be determined by using the formula below,

f = (1.44 x 1000) / (C2 x R3 x C3 x R2)

If C1 and C3 are nanofarads then R2 and R3 will be magaohms.

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