5 Channels Graphic Equalizer by LA3600

This circuit 5 Channels 2 Octave Graphic Equaliser,easy to make equalizer,
because using IC LA3600 (easy to use)
For you who take an interest sound of music side may nobody strange Graphic Equalizer circuit , but , in you who are a novice , something will build this some group circuit gets into trouble moderately difficult , today I [ hair ] begs for to advise 5 Channels Graphic Equalizer circuit because it uses the integrated circuit LA3600. Be pillar equipment with the convenience that use IC LA3600 just one only. As a result can decorate the sound of music has every fully frequency sound section already. You who are a novice and love the saving may don’t miss group this circuit.
Cut at frequencies of 50Hz, 200HZ,800Hz,3.2kHz and 10kHz.
Supply voltage may be anything from +12V.
Besides I still lead model PCB keep can give testimony try build convenient increasingly.

Circuit 5 channels graphic equaliser by la3600

Pcb 5 channels graphic equaliser by la3600

PCB 5 Channels Graphic Equaliser by LA3600

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