40V Regulated Power Supply based TIP42A and LM317

This is a 40V Regulated Power Supply, built using IC LM317 as regulator and TIP42A as electric current amplifier.
40V regulated power supply TIP42A LM317

Component part:  Regulated Power Supply

R1 = 3R9 1 or 2W
R2 = 22R
R3 = 6K8
R4 = 220R
R5 = 4K7
C1 = 3300µF/50V or 4700µF/50V
C2,C5 = 100nF
C3 = 10µF/63V
C4 = 220µF/50V
D1 = Diode bridge 100V 4A
D2 = 1N4002
D3 = LED
IC1 = LM317T
Q1 = TIP42A
SW2 = SPST Mains switch
T1 = 230V Primary, 32-36V Secondary

This power supply is perfect to supply audio power amplifier circuit which amplifying range of 20 to 40 watts and require single power supply. The transformer type is usually center-tapped (CT) transformer, but you may use non CT transformer (if any). The current output of transformer depending on the load, for example if the amplifier is 30W amplifier, then you have to use at least 2A transformer.

Source: redcircuits.com

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