2007 Volvo C30 Electrical Fuse Diagram

Fuses for the 2007 Volvo C30 has a function to protect the electrical system from damage by overloading and short circuiting. The overloaded and blown fuse could cause an electrical component or function doesn’t work. The 2007 Volvo C30 Engine Compartment Fuse Panel has 36 fuse positions. Fuses 1—6 are of the “Midi Fuse” type. Fuses 7—18 are of the “JCASE” type.  Fuses 19—36 are of the “Mini Fuse” type. Below table and diagram outlines detail 2007 Volvo C30 Engine Compartment Fuse and Relay Panel position, amperage and also the functions.

2007 volvo c30 fuse

2007 volvo c30 fuse diagram

Fuse 1 (50A) : Radiator Fan
Fuse 2 (80A) : Power Steering for non 1.6L Engine
Fuse 3 (60A) : Supply to passenger compartment fuse box
Fuse 4 (60A) : Supply to passenger compartment fuse box
Fuse 5 (80A) : Climate control element, additional heater PTC (optional)
Fuse 6 (60A) : Glow plugs (4-cylinder diesel)
Fuse 7 (30A) : Anti-lock brake system pump
Fuse 8 (20A) : Anti-lock brake system valves
Fuse 9 (30A) : Engine functions
Fuse 10(40A): Ventilation fan
Fuse 11(20A): Headlamp washer
Fuse 12(30A): Supply to heated rear window
Fuse 13(30A): Starter motor relay
Fuse 14(40A): Trailer wiring
Fuse 15 : Reserve
Fuse 16(30A): Supply to infotainment system
Fuse 17(30A): Windscreen wipers
Fuse 18(40A): Supply to passenger compartment fuse box
Fuse 19 : Reserve
Fuse 20(15A): Horn
Fuse 21(20A): Fuel driven additional heater, passenger compartment heater
Fuse 22 : Reserve
Fuse 23(10A): Engine control module ECM (5-cylinder petrol), transmission
Fuse 24(20A): TCM
Fuse 25 : Heated fuel filter, PTC element oil trap (5-cylinder diesel)
Fuse 26(15A): Reserve
Fuse 27(10A): Ignition switch
Fuse 28 : A/C Compressor
Fuse 29(15A): Reserve
Fuse 30(3A) : Front fog lamp
Fuse 31(10A): Engine control module, voltage regulator, alternator 4-cylinder
Fuse 32(10A): Injectors, lambda-sond, charge air cooler, mass airflow sensor and turbo control
Fuse 33(20A): Lambda-sond and vacuum pump, ECM, diesel filter heater
Fuse 34(10A): Engine coils, injectors, fuel pump, pressure switch, climate control, glom plugs, EGR Emission control
Fuse35(15A): Engine sensors for valves, relay coil, air conditioning PTC element, oil trap (5-cyl. petrol), engine control module ECM (5-cyl. diesel), canister (petrol), injectors (1.8/2.0 l petrol, MAF mass air flow sensor (5-cyl. petrol, 4-cyl. diesel), turbo control (4-cyl. diesel), pressure switch power steering (1.6 l petrol), EGR emission control (4-cyl. diesel)
Fuse 36(10A): Engine control module, accelerator pedal position sensor, lambda-sond.

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