2001 Yamaha FZS1000(N) Electrical Circuit and Wiring Diagram

Yamaha FZS1000(N)

Yamaha FZS1000(N) Electrical Wiring Diagram

Yamaha fzs100 electrical wiring
This service manual provides information on Yamaha FZS1000(N) including the electrical wiring diagram. The electrical wiring diagram can be used as a reference to connect the entire Yamaha FZS1000 lightning system which consist of the following parts : main switch, rectifier, AC magneto, fuse, battery, starter relay, main fuse, starter motor, starting circuit cutoff relay, sidestand switch, fuel pump, servo motor, emergency stop switch, igniter, ignition coil, spark plug, pickup coil, neutral switch, speed sensor, thermo unit, meter assembly, fuel level warning light, oil level warning light, neutral indicator light, tachometer, combination meter, water temp warning light, fuel gauge, speedometer, hi-beam indicator light, turn signal indicator, meter light, oil level gauge, fuel sender, turn signal relay, handlebar switch, front brake light switch, engine stop switch, start switch, horn, handlebar switch, pass switch, dimmer switch, horn switch, clutch switch, turn signal switch, turn signal, headlight, taillight, fan motor relay, rear brake light switch, and the head light relay.

Download Yamaha FZS1000(N) Electrical Wiring Diagram

Find more details about the wiring diagram by downloading the pdf document (15.3 MB) from the following source (http://thefrost.net) :


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