20 Watt Power Amplifier based TDA2005

20 Watt Power Amplifier
This 20 Watt Power Amplifier circuit is used as a car audio amplifier. Its main component is 20W Bridge Amplifier For Car Radio TDA2005 IC.

This TDA 2005 IC was designed specifically in car audio system for power boosting applications. This IC has a protection against short circuit and overheating. In the above circuit use a bridge configuration that will deliver 20W of output power with 2 ohm speakers. This 20 Watt Power Amplifier circuit requires a power supply voltage 14.4 volts .

Parts list :
R1 : 120 K
R2 : 1K
R3, R4 : 1 ohm
R5 : 2K
R6, R7 : 12 ohm
C1, C9 : 2uF
C2 : 10uF
C3, C8 : 220uF
C4, C7 : 100uF
C5, C6 : 0.1uF
IC : TDA 2005

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