1997 Ford Thunderbird Electronic Power Steering Circuit

The Ford Thunderbird, often abbreviated as T-Bird, was an automobile manufactured by Ford thunderbird wiring electrical schematic
the Ford Motor Company from 1955 through 2005. The 1997 Ford Thunderbird is powered by 3,797 cc 3.8 liters 6 V 90° front longitudinal engine with 96.8 mm bore which produced 108 kW , 145 HP @ 4,000 rpm; 215 ft lb @ 2,750 rpm. With 86 mm stroke, 9 compression ratio, cast iron block, light alloy head, overhead valve, automatic valve adjustment and two valves per cylinder.

The following electronic power steering circuit apply for 1997 Ford Thunderbird series. This article provide illustration of the power steering circuit which consists of primary junction box, secondary junction box, vehicle speed sensor, evo test, connector, steering wheel rotation sensor, electronic variable orifice module, ground bus, power steering actuator, etc.

Find more information about 1997 Ford Thunderbird Electronic Power Steering Circuit here (source: autolib.diakom.ru). Other Ford Wiring Diagram you might be interested in.

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