12V Switching Power Supply Diagram with IRIS4009

12V Switching Power Supply Circuit IRIS4009

About the Circuit:
This is a 12V switching power supply diagram built with IRIS4009. The design circuit uses a flyback converter topology, with an IRIS4009 as the primary switch and control device. The initial start-up current for the IRIS4009 is supplied by a dropper resistor from the DC bus. As soon as the circuit is began the Vcc power for the IRIS4009 comes from the bias winding of the primary transformer. The main electric current control circuit consists of a electric electric current sensing resistor which feeds a voltage proportional to the transformer main electric current into the feedback (FB) pin of the IRIS4009. The secondary voltage control loop uses an LM431 precision shunt regulator as the reference and an optocoupler to feedback the details across the transformer galvanic isolation boundary back to the control circuit of the IRIS4009.

The circuit is created for a universal AC line input. To safely test and evaluate this circuit it really is suggested that an isolation transformer or perhaps a synthesized and isolated AC source (like a Pacific Power Source 115-ASX) is used to power the board, having a voltage within the range of 90-265VAC, having a frequency of 50/60Hz. The AC input signal is applied to the pins at P1 and P3 marked on the board.

For the output the top load to make use of is an electronic load which will permit straightforward adjustments inside the output load, e.g. some thing like a Chroma 63102. Yet another basic option would be to use a High power resistor for the load. The output connection are as follows: P2 may be the Positive output voltage connection, P4 may be the negative(or return) output connection.

PCB layout design:
12V Switching Power Supply Circuit IRIS4009 pcb design

12V Switching Power Supply Specifications:

  • AC Input: V=90~265V, f=57~63Hz, I= 0.3Arms max
  • Inrush Current: 8A max
  • Efficiency: 84% at full load high line (82% at low line)
  • Turn On Delay: <1secs @ 90V full load
  • Short Circuit Protection: Yes
  • Over Voltage Protection: Yes
  • Hold-Up Time: 160msec (230Vin Full load) / 20ms (90Vin Full load)
  • Output Rise Time: 2ms max (10-90%)
  • Switching Frequency: 20 -220kHz

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