12 Volt / 2 A Switching Power Supply

Switching power supply 12 V 2 A

The circuit 12 volt / 2 A switching power supply in the above scheme is not too complicated. At the output of this block provides a stable 12 V and maximum current 2A. Power supply units are quite compact and is suitable for debugging schemes, as well as a permanent resource for stationary devices, including power for the logic electronics for the home-made ​​CNC machine tools.

Transformer is available in the free market and avoids the hassle of having to self-winding. The diode bridge BR 1 of any given voltage and current of 2A. All other elements in the high part of the circuit are designed by the same voltage, taking into account the mains. The scheme of 12 volt / 2 A switching power supply operates from the high voltage network, to be observed when mounting accuracy and caution when using. It is desirable to block the finished board to “pack” in the body.

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