10 circuits & projects for fun

Hi, friends
Today is a holiday I and my son enjoy with many simple circuit. Which some circuits incorrect parts. So we need to tell you know. When you builds them, will be happy same us….

Wiring of micro inverter
Micro Inverter by 2N6121

The components layout of dual regulator power supply lm7805 lm7905
Dual Variable Regulator power supply 5-25V by LM7805,LM7905

Police sirens sound with ic 555
Police sirens sound with ic 555

4011 dual led flasher
4011 Dual Led flasher

Led display for on off battery indicator
LED Display for On-Off battery indicator

Single led gate flasher by 4011
The simple LED Flasher by IC 4011

Two led flasher by gate of ic 4011
Two LED Flasher by Gate of IC 4011

Ic 555 led flasher
IC 555 LED Flasher

Tiny visual zero beat indicator
Tiny visual zero beat indicator

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