10 Channel Graphic Equalizer by LA3600

In addition to using the LA3600 IC, was the 5 channel graphic equalizer. We can also be designed was the 10 Channel Graphic equalizer circuit. By connection with the other IC LA3600. In the Figure is 10 channel equalizer circuit, which we have designed for the Q = 4. And uses the center frequency of the IC is interruption. Reason The first circuit be work at odd channels, including channels 1,3,5,7,9. As for second IC be doing in dual channel namely 2,4,6,8,10 channel. The strong point of this circuit be will reduce the interference between adjusting the volume the center frequencies similar is rise efficiency of the circuit And the sound quality is better than a general.
10 ch graphic equalizer by ic la3600

10 Channels Graphic Equalizer circuit by LA3600 IC
We assemble the components on the PCB properly and check soldering points must be tightly all points. Then we solder to the both PCB circuit are the volume and the equipment of IC join together successfully, as shown. When finished, we supply positive 12V circuit to be used immediately, without any adjustment.
Pcb 10 ch graphic equaliser by ic la3600

The PCB of this circuit

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